One of the most critical things to ensure businesses run smoothly is effective communication with the clients. With the current high demand for it, especially since work from home is prevalent, technology has come up with several ways to assure efficient communication.

One of these is the TELUS Business connect. It allows businesses and employees to keep their communication effective despite the distance, emerging competitions, and rapidly advancing society. Continue reading this article to know more about this product and how it can help improve business communication.

What is TELUS Business Connect?

Similar to other phone systems, the TELUS Business Connect is a new phone system that allows users to connect with other people at all times. It is characterized by upgraded and high-level audio, image, video, and communication equipment that makes all of this possible.

In many ways, this system dominates over the others as it is made to ensure that you will always be able to contact the people you need to contact regardless of the time and place.

What Technology Does it Use?

The TELUS Business Connect is powered by the Voice over Internet Protocol or otherwise known as the VOIP. This allows the system to transform data into something that is compatible with the digital devices.

This also means that as long as there is access to an internet connection, then any form of engagement with other people is feasible. This makes the VOIP phone system ideal as it is a highly convenient option to keep communication economical.

Perks of subscribing to the VOIP phone system:

• High-quality calls
• Reduced hardware and operation costs
• High-level security
• Compatible with more devices
• Easy installation and maintenance
• User-friendly features
• No fees for long-distance calls
• Easy to expand and modify
• It has a variety of convenient features to choose from

Advantages of Using the TELUS Business Connect

By combining VOIP and Business Connect features, your phone system will enjoy various perks that you may have never encountered before. Eventually, you will notice a significant rise in the productivity rate in the workplace as soon as you start using Business Connect.

Not only that, this also leads to a less stressful work environment for your employees, and of course, more motivated employees equates to a higher productivity rate. This is all because of the outstanding features offered by the system.

• High Productivity

Productivity gains can be achieved as employees experience fewer call interruptions and an easier way to communicate.

Moreover, fielding calls will not be something to worry about. The system will immediately direct any call to an available device that ensures that no call is ignored. This way, customer service is improved along with the employees’ time management and multi-tasking skills.

• Cost-Effectiveness

Subscribing in Business Connect also reduces costs for system implementation, maintenance and improvements and gives companies greater profit gain. Compared to other phone systems, the VOIP phone system’s cost-effectiveness allows businesses to make smarter budget allocations and less wasted resources.

This will best benefit businesses as the years go by as it rids the company from spending money on unsuccessful and wasteful strategies for effective communication.

• Universal Communication

TELUS business phones are able to contact almost all types of gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers, and even landline phones. With this, phone calls become cheaper, and communication runs smoother.

Also, as information transmission expands globally, businesses are also given the opportunity to engage with international clients and markets. This enables company growth and improvement through generating novel ideas to aid the company.

• Convenience

Last but not least, all features aim to keep employees and clients assured the business obtains a long-lasting and highly convenient communication system. They are able to achieve this by ensuring that all calls are addressed smoothly regardless of location.

With a practical business phone, employees can keep or even boost their morale and keep being motivated to reach peak customer satisfaction at all times.