TELUS Wireless Home Phone

TELUS Wireless
Home Phone

Affordable, portable, and easy to use.

Easy to Install

Do it yourself, without a technician, custom tools or wires. The TELUS Wireless Home Phone can be installed quickly and easily, and you can choose to keep your existing home phone number.
Wireless Home Phone 'ZTE'
Wireless 'ZTE

Easy Portability

The TELUS Wireless Home Phone is portable so you can stay connected everywhere you go. It’s ideal for using at home, then you simply unplug it and pack it with you. Take it on vacation, to the office, or to the cottage.
Wireless 'ZTE'

Easy to Save Money!

Save money compared to a traditional wired landline. For a low monthly price, you can have the TELUS Wireless Home Phone as well as unlimited calling nationwide. You’ll also get 5 included features: Call Waiting; Call Forwarding; Conference Calling; Call Display, and Voicemail 25. It’s easy to add international calls to your plan, with 50+ countries, including the United States, India, China and more.