Do you need to upgrade your watch to something more appealing and packed with useful features? If so, then the Apple Series 7 may be worth considering. The latest Apple Watch is an upgrade from the Apple Series 6, and it offers excellent features that can make your everyday tasks more convenient and enhance the overall experience. 

If you wonder what this new model has to offer that makes it different from the previous series, you have come to the right page. Below is a comparison of the notable differences between the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Apple Watch Series 6. 

  • Larger Screen Display

In Series 7, it is evident that Apple was focused on developing a bigger screen than the previous years. This model comes in 41 and 45 mm formats, compared to the 40mm and 44-mm formats in Series 4, 5, and 6. 

What’s more, this watch features a bigger screen, which is 20 percent larger than the previous models. Impressively, the watch’s borders are 40% smaller than the Series 6, meaning that you enjoy a bigger screen without the watch looking too big on your wrist. 

Moreover, having a more prominent screen display will enhance the experience, allowing you to quickly and conveniently use and read messages. It can also offer 50 percent more messages without the need to scroll.

  • Redesigned User Interface

To match the larger screen display, Apple has redesigned the user interface of the Series 7 to transform its experience. It comes in more oversized menus buttons to visualize applications like activity, stopwatch, and timer, and more. Also, two new faces, including the modular and contour faces, have now been optimized to match the larger display size. Such features are more convenient to use, especially when you’re always on the go.

  • QWERTY Keyboard

For the first time, Apple has designed a watch with a whole QWERTY keyboard. The new Apple Series 7 is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, making it easier to do menial tasks like inputting the password. What’s more, its full-sized keyboard is helpful to construct longer and more complex messages, and you won’t be limited to scribbling or dictation, as is the case with Series 6. 

  • Always-On Mode is Much Brighter

Another iWatch upgrade is the always-on mode that renders the screen more visible and brighter than Apple Series 6. According to an Apple report, the brightness of the Series 7 will be 70 percent more even when the wrist is down. 

Hence, it is a perfect and valuable feature, especially when you need to check quick information to start your day. You can always check information on the screen without waking the screen. Besides, Apple has said that this feature comes in handy for indoor usage.

  • Faster Charging

Although the Series 7’s battery life is similar to that of Series 6, the former can charge faster than the latter. According to Apple, the Apple Series 7 is designed to charge 33 percent faster than its predecessor. 

Also, Apple made sure that the Series 7 is always available to use as it only takes 45 minutes to charge up to 80 percent. Better yet, 8 minutes of charging allows 8 hours of sleep tracking.

Durable Build

The main focus of the Apple iWatch is exercise tracking. Hence, Apple wants you to experience the best quality watch to execute your outdoor activities. The new version comes in IP6X dust resistance and crystal-coated cover, which is thicker by 50 percent compared to Series 6. 

It is built with a front crystal that makes it crack resistant. Furthermore, this watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. Thus, you don’t need to worry much about wearing the device when on the beach or hiking.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the newest Apple Series 7 has more useful features to offer than the Apple Series 6. With its durability, fast charging, bigger screen, QWERTY keyboard, and visibility, it is an excellent investment for anyone that wants to upgrade their watch.